RubyInstaller 2.4 for Windows has been finally released and is available in the Download section!

It is based on the MSYS2 toolchain now, and the build scripts are rewritten from the scratch. Therefore the github repository has changed - it is now RubyInstaller2.

RubyInstaller2 brings some significant changes in addition to the newer Ruby version. The most important change is that the DevKit is no longer provided. Instead RubyInstaller makes use of the MSYS2 environment for compilation of C-based gems. This and more changes are documented in the CHANGELOG.

RubyInstaller2 will be the base for Ruby versions 2.4.x and up. Ruby versions before 2.4 are based on RubyInstaller1 which is still looking for a maintainer.

Please note, that many fat binary gems are not yet prepared for RubyInstaller-2.4. Try to use

gem install --platform ruby <gemname>

to force installation of the source gem, for the time being. This requires MSYS2 and MINGW tools to be installed, for example per ridk install. Also see the FAQ for further recommendations regarding rails and popular gems.

Gem authors, who want to support RubyInstaller2, please refer to the Tips for gem developers.