RubyInstaller-2.7.0-1 has been released. See the ruby-2.7.0 release post and the the RubyInstaller CHANGELOG for more details. Please note, that some gems are not yet compatible with Ruby-2.7 on Windows. You should therefore stay on 2.6 until 2.7 is well supported, unless you want to contribute and fix remaining issues.

A previous RubyInstaller-2.5.x or 2.6.x installation should not be updated by installing RubyInstaller-2.7.x into the same directory. This is because gems with C extensions are not compatible between ruby-2.6 and 2.7. It’s best to use a new directory for 2.7.x as proposed by the installer.

So far RubyInstaller made use of rb-readline as line-editor for irb and other interactive console apps. This is because the GNU readline library doesn’t work properly on Windows. However rb-readline is mostly unmaintained and is strapped by many bugs. Fortunately Ruby-2.7 introduces Reline as a pure Ruby Readline implementation. It works well on Windows, so that RubyInstaller-2.7.0-1 replaces rb-readline by Reline.

Another change is that RubyInstaller-2.7.0-1 defaults to UTF-8 as external character encoding. Ruby source code, MSYS2 tools and PowerShell core already default to UTF-8. This change also fixes some issues with Reline and increases compatibility with other operating systems. UTF-8 is enabled by setting the environment variable RUBYOPT to -Eutf-8 . It therefore affects all ruby versions installed on the system. To revert to classic country dependant codepage as external encoding, go to Windows system settings and remove RUBYOPT from user and system environment variables.

Both Reline and UTF-8 default will be backported to the next RubyInstaller 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 releases, if things work well at 2.7. So please use the issue tracker to give positive or negative feedback!

All binaries are available in the Download section!