So, you’ve reached this website and want to try out Ruby for Windows… hit download and nothing happens… or things go weird and you start a download that will take 12 hours… OMG! Well, if yours is one of the above cases, you’re suffering some sort of mirror glitch. RubyInstaller downloads right now rely on RubyForge file hosting infrastructure and mirror system. Most of these mirrors are community provided, and due that, the differences between them can affect users trying to download files. Until we work out or own file hosting solution, a simple workaround is append /go or /noredirect to the download URL from the Downloads section. E.g. If you want to download rubyinstaller-1.9.2-p0.exe, the original download URL is: And when adding the above fix, the result URL is: To do that, just right click in the download links, copy it to the clipboard and paste it in a new browser window/tab. Edit as shown above and hit enter for the download to start. Hope this helps you sort out your download issues. Again, apologies if you’ve been suffering from them and don’t forget you can find us at RubyInstaller group