RubyInstaller versions 3.1.2-1, 3.0.4-1, 2.7.6-1 and 2.6.10-1 are released. These are maintenance releases with bug and security fixes.

See the ruby-3.1.2 release post, ruby-3.0.4 release post, ruby-2.7.6 release post and ruby-2.6.10 release post for more details.

A previous RubyInstaller-2.7.x or 3.0.x installation should not be updated by installing RubyInstaller-3.1.x into the same directory. This is because gems with C extensions are not compatible between ruby-3.0 and 3.1. It’s best to use a new directory for 3.1.x as proposed by the installer.

All binaries are available in the Download section!