RubyInstaller-3.1.0-1 has been released! It features a whole bunch of great new features and improvements. See the ruby-3.1.0 release post for more details.

RubyInstaller-3.1.0-x64 has a changed C-runtime called UCRT replacing the old MSVCRT. The modern C-runtime brings better compatibility to C standards and to libraries compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio. See the feature request here. There are several platform strings that change with the new release. In particular the ruby and gem platform is now x64-mingw-ucrt instead of x64-mingw32 and the MSYS2 package prefix is now mingw-w64-ucrt-x86_64-. The Devkit version of RubyInstaller now bundles the UCRT based MINGW packages. ridk install can be used to install these packages into a previous or a shared location of MSYS2. There are some subsequent issues like seamless integration into Github Actions and cross compiler support regarding UCRT.

Please note, that some gems are not yet compatible with Ruby-3.1 on Windows. In this case you might stay on 3.0 until 3.1 is well supported.

A previous RubyInstaller-3.0.x or 2.7.x installation should not be updated by installing RubyInstaller-3.1.x into the same directory. This is because gems with C extensions are not compatible between ruby-3.0 and 3.1. It’s best to use a new directory for 3.1.x as proposed by the installer.

All binaries are available in the Download section!